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Silja Voolma

User Experience Lead

Behavioral Design Global

Goal 3

Freedom to change: autonomy-supportive design

The COVID-19 pandemic catapulted self-care and wellbeing into mainstream societal discourse in a way like never before. Whether to prevent or manage COVID-19, navigate burnout in the workplace and at home, or figure out a way to exercise daily amidst confinement to our spaces, maintaining habits to support optimal health and wellbeing is trickier than ever. Digital health solutions have been heralded as the key to connecting with the masses in the hopes of influencing their behaviour towards healthier choices, but the tension between a traditionally top-down healthcare discourse and the sustainable source of motivation towards action within individuals has not garnered enough attention to reliably deliver transformational digital health products and services. In this talk, Dr. Silja-Riin Voolma shares insight into the importance of autonomous choice in promoting, achieving and maintaining healthy lifestyles, how design strategy can deliver autonomy-supportive solutions and what are the components of an autonomy supportive user experience in the digital health space.

Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being

About Silja

Silja Voolma is a behavioral design & strategy expert at Healthware Group. She’s also provides intersectional perspectives on human behavior at Behavioral Design Global, a behavioral design consulting firm bringing science to design research and art to human behavior change.

Her obsession is understanding what drives human behavior and her passion is to help organizations design and develop user-centered health experiences positioned for success in diverse market segments.